Helping young children manage emotions in Australia

Growing up is hard. Being told ‘no’ is hard. As ironic as it might sound, being a kid is hard. Understanding the complex range of emotions that come up for the first time in toddlers and young children is a difficult task for both parent and child. At Tiger Tot Books, we’re making it a little easier. Our Australian kids books help children understand and manage emotions through engaging and entertaining stories and examples. We help your little one identify what is going on and develop the skills to acknowledge and overcome their feelings.

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About us

Author Belinda O’Brien and illustrator Jemina Venter is the dynamic team behind Tiger Tot Books. Both possessing incredible creative talent in their disciplines, the two women create stories and visuals that are inspiring and engaging. Passionate about helping children better grasp their emotions, the pair crafts entertaining and appropriate stories for kids. Both successful in personal endeavors, their work appears across Australia in a number of events and creative products. 
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Emotional intelligence

Developing emotional intelligence is a central part of growing into a well-rounded, successful individual. Understanding the reasons behind feelings like anger, sadness, frustration and guilt as well as positive emotions like empathy, happiness and fulfillment help kids deal with complex situations and scenarios as they grow up. Our books are centred on helping children understand and manage their emotions, encouraging constructive expression and problem-solving skills.

Our books

We create books that help kids understand and manage their feelings. Using kid-friendly language and engaging illustrations, our stories are relevant and entertaining. Our books currently include: 
  • The Monster Inside: the story of Jack and his monsters that come out to play when he doesn’t get his way. Follow his story as he learns new techniques to keep the monsters at bay.

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