Children’s books for understanding emotions in Australia

Teaching your little one how to manage their ups and downs can be tough. Whether you’re a parent, carer, teacher, brother or sister, Tiger Tot Books helps you explain big picture concepts and overwhelming feelings with relevant and age-appropriate examples. Based in Australia, we create entertaining and engaging kids books centred on the aim of understanding emotions.

The Monsters Inside

Tiger Tot Books is very happy to announce its first publication, The Monsters Inside. Follow Jack as he learns a technique, to make his monsters vanish, whenever he becomes angry, frustrated, mad or upset.

When Jack doesn’t get his way, monsters inside want to come out to play. Help Jack tell his monsters to go away.

Do you have monsters inside you? Jack does. They always want to come out whenever he gets angry or upset. What can Jack do to stop his monsters from ruining his day?

Featuring rhyming verses and fantastic illustrations, The Monsters Inside will help your little monsters to manage their big feelings.

“Such a sweet book and very easy read for toddlers and preschoolers! My 3.5 year old twins loved the illustrations and followed along with ease. The message is very easy for young children to understand and even an aid for parents to use. Love this book!” - Margarita

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