By Andy Angel on January 15, 2016
Let's face it, all kids can be prone to temper tantrums when they cannot get their own way or if they don't get the attention they crave. It's all part of growing up.

What we have here is a story about a youngster called Jack who, as the title suggests, has monsters inside. These 'monsters' are the temper tantrums that come to the fore when he gets frustrated.

With some help from his mum Jack learns how to cope with his 'monsters' and keep them inside and making things nicer for everyone.

And that is, I guess, the main purpose behind this quite lovely book. The 'coping mechanism' that Jack learns with his mum is really quite easy to learn and will benefit children and parents both (I tried it for myself and it works).

As well as been a really nicely told story (nice rhyming verse style and quite catchy) this book comes with some really beautiful illustrations by Jemina Venter that capture the approaching storm as Jack's 'monsters' prepare to raise their heads and the return to happy Jack after.

It may sound corny to say every family should have a copy of this book, or at least give it a try, but I honestly believe it.

A lovely and informative tale with beautiful illustrations - 5/5 stars

By Karen Lea on January 6, 2016
I am a retired primary school teacher who taught for over thirty years, mainly in the lower school so when I say that I can see children reading this book over and over, I think I know what I’m talking about. Parents, I’m sure your children have books they want to read over and over again. “The Monsters Inside” is one of those books.
The first thing I noticed about this book was the illustrations. Not only are they colourful, but the way they are drawn puts a smile on your face, even the monsters.
The text is written in rhyming verse which helps the child with his reading skills (another good thing) and the rhythm encourages the child to read along. Repetition of the rhyme Jack’s mother uses to teach Jack to deal with his feelings, as well as the illustrations that accompany it, will really help any child deal with those angry feelings they experience when they are confronted with conflict.
I know I would have loved using “The Monsters Inside” as a teaching resource and I wish it was around when my son was much younger. I recommend this book to both parents and teachers. 

By Ruty@ReadingDreaming on January 30, 2016
'The Monsters Inside' is the perfect book to talk with kids about how to handle emotions. Even for adults is hard to control our anger, sadness, and other emotions so you can imagine how difficult it is for children.

The story is simple, sweet and real. Emotions are represented as monsters that torment Jack and his mom teaches him a technique to deal with them.

The writing is really beautiful, the author uses rhyming verse creating a musical story. The sentences are short and I'm sure they will be easy to read for young readers.

The illustrations are colorful, vivid and they transmit life through the pages. The size of the book gives us big pictures, perfect for reading in a class with many kids. As a teacher let me tell you that size matters when you have around 15 students waiting to see what's going on in the story so you need illustrations that can be seen from every corner of the classroom.

A Wonderful Picture Book for Understanding Feelings!
ByLisa Nolanon March 5, 2016
I was happy to receive an advanced readers' copy of The Monsters Inside! This picture book is a great tool that will help children visualize and understand their feelings! I wish I had this book when my son was younger (although he is now old enough to read it himself)! The illustrations were bright and colorful--and who doesn't enjoy cartoonish monsters! I also love how the story rhymes, giving it that sing-song quality that children love! Parents, primary teachers, AND Specialists will want to add "The Monsters Inside" to their wish list for sure!

A great complement to the ongoing discussion we have about emotions
By Amazon Customer on March 4, 2016
My 3 year old LOVES this book. It was a great complement to the ongoing discussion we have about emotions. Now when she has huge feelings she has started to count to 10 instead of throwing a tantrum. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to help their child understand how to handle intense emotions. This book is a must for emotional literacy.

Belinda O'Brien has created a wonderful learning tool hidden inside a captivating story that they ...
By Amazon Customer on February 13, 2016
This book is going to change the lives of adults and children throughout Australia. I have worked in the child care industry for eight years and I've seen both parents and children struggle with frustrations and overwhelming emotions. Reading this book with my class and applying the methods described In the story has been instrumental in creating a calm and nurturing environment whilst helping the children communicate with others in a positive manner. Belinda O'Brien has created a wonderful learning tool hidden inside a captivating story that they will want to read over and over again and I highly recommend adding this book to your child's collection.

ByJulia Simpsonon February 11, 2016
I'm sure there are a lot of kids out there who need to learn how to control their anger and manage their emotions. This book is a helpful starting point to share with them so they know they're not alone in their feelings and there are ways to feel better without acting out.
The book uses rhyming words which I'm a sucker for. I love when the book has a sing-song rhythm when being read aloud. The book also uses repetition to get the point across which makes it easy for them to comprehend. The book provides a technique to use when the "monsters inside" start acting up and then shares two examples within the story of how Jack handles his emotions. The technique taught in the book requires taking a deep breath and counting to ten which is really a great technique that many adults need to be reminded of including myself. I lose my cool with the kids more often than I would like and this book is a reminder to myself to take a deep breath and calm down for a minute before using words I may regret. The Monsters Inside features illustrations by Jemina Venter. The kids will like the pictures of the three monsters from page to page and I enjoyed the bright colors and true to life images. My toddler boy is pretty chill at the moment, but I know it won't be long before I'm reading this book to him and hoping he picks up the new habit that Jack learns in the story. I'm glad I have it for him. 

ByChristina L Tobeyon February 11, 2016
I have 3yr old twin boys who often struggle with "their monsters" this has become a favorite book in our house and now when upset my boys are able to say they have monsters and we are able to talk about how we need to make them go away. It's fun to watch them take a story and bring it to life! This is a wonderful book!

By mommy2J on January 18, 2016
All have to say is THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I recieved this book on a Saturday and we have read it several times. My son was excited about the book because he saw it on the counter in the kitchen and I promised we would read it at bedtime that night. We read the book 3 times that night and it opened up discussions about appriopate behavior and non appriopate behavior. The book is beautifully illustrated and thr story line is easily relatable to a young child. I highly recommend this book if any parent or provider are struggling with behavior issues or just want to reinforce good behavior and how to handle angry feelings in a non violent way. It is very helpful. I would love to see this book become a series of books that help children with feelings.
Fantastic children's book for parents to read to their children over and over again...
By Kaylene Osborn on December 30, 2015
Belinda O'Brien has written the most fantastic children's book, with its story having a message behind it for children. I gave two copies as Christmas presents to my friends’ children. Both loved the book and have asked their mothers to read it over and over again. One of them has an autistic child, and the message is quite poignant. The illustrations in the book are outstanding and are visually pleasing to the eye of an adult as well as beautiful for children. I can thoroughly recommend this book to parents who want to purchase their children a story with message and meaning. Well done Belinda, this is deserving of a five-star rating.

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